About us

TECHNOHOLICS CO. is a premier provider of quality technology products and services, especially designed to cater to potential business partners or direct consumer marketing.

Established in 2010, TECHNOHOLICS Co. has built a reputation of competence and quality. With its unique business model, Technoholics Co. offers comprehensive partnerships and a competitive edge for small to large businesses.

The strength of TECHNOHOLICS Co. lies principally in its corporate executive turned entrepreneur co-founder who is very passionate about technological products and busi- ness solutions, and her team of ardent techies. Technoholics Co. continues to attract a steadily growing client base whose brands are well known and respected in the country and globally.

By realizing the growing role of technology in our everyday lives, Technoholics Co. is determined to become the most trusted hub for gadgets and solutions whether at home, at work or at play.

Technoholics Co.’s commitment to customer service manifests itself with a wide array of highly adaptable and innovative technological services and solutions. Equipped with quality tools and understanding of its consumers’ needs, Technoholics Co. continues to aim for excellence in its field.

Technoholics Co. is determined to become the Fastest, Adaptable, Innovative, Trustworthy and Helpful partner for all your technological products and solutions needs.